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Due to circumstances beyond our control we are currently closed to new surrenders. Beagles already within the process will be completed but we are unable to accept additional dogs at this time, although we will endeavour to help wherever possible.

Please contact Beagle Welfare if you require advice or assistance in rehoming your Beagle.

Please do not advertise your dog on free ads sites.

Contact us

You can reach us by email

Please include a telephone number and,
if needs be, we will call you during the times below.

Monday to Friday
3pm to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday
9am to 9pm

Voicemail is:

0770 821 9077

Please leave your name and number, we'll call you back.

We aim to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply in that time, please check your spam folder and telephone us.

We take our responsibilities towards our dogs very seriously. Adoption of a Beagle Buddies Beagle is subject to our rigorous home check process.

After a successful adoption we reserve the right to carry out random home visits to check on our Beagles progress and condition.

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