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Beautiful Hunny is nearly 10 years old & looking for a forever sofa through no fault of her own. Good with children, dogs & cats she just wants somewhere to grow old disgracefully.

Nelly's Woofers

Beagle Buddies is proud to be associated with, and to recommend, Nelly's Woofers. Nelly is based in Portsmouth and provides all manner of canine services from Behaviourist to training to Dog walking. Please visit her website for more information by clicking here.


Handsome Charlie is 7 years old and looking for a forever home through no fault of his own. He is chipped, neutered and up to date with injections. As with many Beagles he has some sep anxiety issues that will need addressing. . Email: link@BeagleBuddies.co.uk


Bonnie is a 3 year old Beagle girl in search of a forever home to call her own. She suffers some anxiety around other dogs & would be happiest as an only dog in a Beagle experienced home. Email us, link@beaglebuddies.co.uk


Bertie is a sweet lad who hasn't had the best start in life. He does separation anxiety so would benefit from another dog in the home as he is very good with other dogs & enjoys the company. Bertie needs a home with previous Beagle experience and who also have no children at home. DT Shrewsbury


Bailey is an older chap who knows what he likes & absolutely loves his food. He likes meeting people & enjoys the company of his humans. Bailey cannot live with dogs or cats as he can be protective over his food and he will chase cats a lot. He can live with children of 13 years old and over. Bailey suffers separation anxiety. DT Basildon

The Vet

Currently with 7 locations across the UK providing vetinary care to animals of all shapes and sizes including our Beagles. Bristol, Morden, Nottingham, Southampton, Waltham Forest, Liverpool & Warrington.
Click here for The Vet


Thelma needs a quiet home where she will be given lots of time to settle into her new home. She gets on well with other dogs & would benefit from living with a confident dog in her new home. Thelma has separation anxiety and will need lots of patience. DT Kenilworth.


Ralph is almost 5 years old & currently building up his strength after surgery to a leg injury. As a foodie, Ralph needs a child free home unless they are over 12. Until fully recovered from his surgery he needs to be an only dog. Battersea DH


Beautiful Dasher is a lovely girl with a little bit of an unhappy past. A sweet nature she is looking for her slice of happiness with her very own forever home with the help of Many Tears. She is currently in foster in Corby. Many Tears


Kiwi has had an incredibly tough life so far & is looking for a special home to help her see that life can be great. Kiwi needs a very calm, quiet home with a minimum of things to cope with. She will need time, patience, and gentle encouragement to start to get used to things. DT Evesham.


Willow has come to us through no fault of her own and in her 6 short years has already had 3 homes. Its her time now for a forever home and eternal happiness. Willow is spayed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations.


Beautiful Billy is just 2 years old & looking for his forever family to call his own. He loves his cuddles and (not very surprising) his food. Do you have a Billy shaped hole in your heart? Email us,


Tri-colour Ben is a 9 Month old Beagle boy and is currently in the care of our partner rescue. Full of life & a typical Beagle puppy he needs an experienced home, preferably with other dogs. He loves meeting people and dogs but can get a little over excited. link9@beaglebuddies.co.uk


Sadly Benji has had an unhappy past. Picked up by the dog warden & unclaimed, he came to Beagle Buddies. Having been rehomed by us, owner ill health sees him looking for a new home. Please contact us for an adoption application.


Little stunner Shiloh has come in to the care of Beagle Buddies at just 5 months old and is still under assessment.

Please contact us by email for an adoption application.


Woody is an owner surrender. He is 11 months old and is currently in foster & under assessment. For more information on him & an adoption application, contact us by email.


Boris is a cracking chap with heaps of character to offer his new family. He enjoys being around people, especially if it means fuss or playtime (although he can get a bit overexcited and silly when it comes to playing!). Boris loves his food.
(DT Evesham)


How can you not love that face. Barry has an independent side & prefers to have his own space. He can be unsure of stangers. Barry has been known to guard his food so he's looking for an understanding home who will work with this.
(DT Shrewsbury)


Baker is 3 years old and, sadly, due to bereavement is looking for a forever home to call his own. A typical Beagle he loves everyone & just wants to play and have fun. Do you have a Baker shaped hole in your heart? Email us:


Pablo, a 12 month old Beagle & a real character. Like all Beagles he adores human company ( and suffers some separation anxiety that with a little help he will overcome ) He will follow you to the ends of the earth (unless he picks up a good scent). Email us,


Tri-colour Lady is 4 years old & very loving. She has come from a busy family home with several children and she loves human company. Lady cannot live with cats. Have you got space in your heart for Lady? Email us:


Penny is a gorgeous 3 year old Beagle & is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Like all Beagles, Penny adores human company & would love a special place in your heart. Email us,


With some hard work & lots of treats Copper has the potential of making a loving, loyal pet. He is a lovely boy but has some behavioural problems that are going to take a lot of work to address. He loves to play, loves his walks & is generally a happy dog. O.A.S


Benji is a stunning 3 year old Beagle & is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. He adores human company & because of this suffers sep anxiety so will need patience while you work on this. Email us,


Beautiful Bruno is 3 years old & looking for his forever family. He loves his cuddles and (not very surprising) his food. Do you have a Bruno shaped hole in your heart? Email us,


Pally is 5 years old & is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. He adores human company & because of this suffers sep anxiety so will need patience while you work on this.


Diana is a Beagle cross & approximately 9 years old, she is a quiet, gentle soul. She is wary of boisterous play having been attacked on a couple of occassions so will suit being a solo dog or with a quiet, older dog. In foster in the Midlands. Email: diana@BeagleBuddies.co.uk


Sweet Lyla is just 3 years old & has already had 3 homes before being brought to our attention. She can be a little dominant & has been known to resource guard so must go to a confident, breed experienced home. Children must be 12 or over. Email us: link9@beaglebuddies.co.uk

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